Sophia Brewer

  • Top Benefits of Custom Picture Frames

    Gone are the days when a photographer required a roll of film to produce photographs. Back then, clients could only preserve memories in big album books and picture frames. However, digital photography has slowly replaced the physical album over the last two decades and is threatening to do the same with the picture frame. Consequently, the shift limits the services photographers offer clients. One way to guarantee continued business is to make custom picture frames.
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  • 3 Top Strategies for Selling Wooden Toys

    If you are thinking about joining the toy industry, then it is a step in the right direction, especially in an economy where people are struggling with the high cost of living. Parents today are looking for ways to keep their children entertained, and toys offer the opportunity. However, the strategies you plan to use will determine how well your business does and performs in the long run. This article highlights tips on how to operate a successful wooden toy business.
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