Top Reasons to Use Silicone Moulds for Your Candle Making Business

Posted on: 21 July 2021

Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are long and thin, while others are sold in jars. Some have unique designs that can only be possible with the use of a mould. If you plan to make candles at home to sell to your neighbours, you need products that cater to a vast clientele. This is where silicone moulds come in, and while you can use metallic moulds for the same purpose, there are clear benefits of using the former. This article highlights the benefits of using silicone moulds for your candles.

Easy Candle Removal

After pouring molten wax into a silicone mould, you should give it about an hour to cool down. Once a candle has cooled, removing it from a mould is the next crucial step because a mistake can ruin its shape or smoothness. This is where silicone moulds perform better than their metal counterparts. See, if you use a metal mould, you have to oil the inner surface before pouring liquid wax to help with the removal process. However, you do not have to go through the process if you use silicone moulds because their non-stick surface enables cooled candles to pop right out when flexed. Thus, it can save you a lot of time, particularly if you are making a big batch of candles.  

Intricate Designs

There is no doubt that you can find metal moulds in different designs, but the range is limited to basic and generic shapes. Thus, metal moulds are fine if you do not want to sell a unique line of candles. However, if you're going to leave your customers in awe, then silicone moulds are your best bet. The reason is that silicone moulds are not restricted to smooth and solid shapes characteristic of metal moulds. Since a silicone mould is made from liquid silicone, it can take the shape of any object regardless of design complexity. Therefore, it enables you to make candles with protruding and dimensional elements unachievable with metal moulds. For instance, it is easier to produce candles that look like a rose flower with silicone moulds than metal moulds.  

Easy Maintenance

Yes, even candle moulds need adequate maintenance; otherwise, your products will look cheap. Since metal or polycarbonate moulds need a releasing agent applied on the inner surface for easy candle removal, you must clean off the remnants before using a mould again. The reason is that releasing agents tend to attract dust that might make tiny holes or even embed on your candles. On the other hand, silicone candles are low maintenance because they do not need regular cleaning. All you need to do is blow or wipe the soft inner surface to remove any dust.

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