Top Benefits of Custom Picture Frames

Posted on: 24 April 2020

Gone are the days when a photographer required a roll of film to produce photographs. Back then, clients could only preserve memories in big album books and picture frames. However, digital photography has slowly replaced the physical album over the last two decades and is threatening to do the same with the picture frame. Consequently, the shift limits the services photographers offer clients. One way to guarantee continued business is to make custom picture frames.

This article highlights the benefits of custom picture framing.

Picture Protection

Photographs are affected by direct sunlight and moisture. Therefore, you need a quality picture frame to protect the vibrancy of artwork or memorable photographs. Protection is better achieved with custom picture frames because a client gets a chance to display their taste and preference. For instance, a client that needs their photograph protected from direct sunlight needs a unique acrylic framing. Acrylic glass filters sunlight rays, thereby ensuring a photo retains its colour. Additionally, a client that wants to hang their picture in a harsh or rugged environment could use a metallic frame with corrosion-resistant properties.  

Match Picture Wall

Most homeowners have a wall that is dedicated to picture frames. Although some people will not pay attention to how photographs fit on their picture wall, some households understand the aesthetic value of a well-organised and balanced picture wall. Standard off-the-shelf picture frames that do not match the shape or style of a wall will look awkward. On the other hand, customised picture frames are designed and made with the style and appearance of a picture wall in mind. For example, a smooth, white picture wall works well with textured picture frames because they add character to the wall. Similarly, the location of a picture wall should dictate the shape of a picture frame.

Personalised Hanging Mechanism

Most picture frames that are purchased from retail stores have a simple and straightforward hanging mechanism. However, the simple design does not guarantee stability on a wall, especially for the larger picture frames. For this reason, a customised hanging mechanism offers the necessary stability for your picture frames. For example, a client that prefers to hide the rear end of their picture frame can opt for sunken hooks. The addition of sunken hooks on a picture frame allows only the sides of the frame to be visible. Similarly, a client that wants their picture frame to hang like a pendant can install the hooks on opposite corners.